Gift Inspiration For Active Couples

Gift Inspiration For Active Couples

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Part of the fun in wedding planning is daydreaming. Since I was a child, I’ve thought about the different details that would go into my future wedding – it’s funny how many ideas you can have for a wedding ceremony before you even meet the groom. ;) And the fun in thinking ahead doesn’t just stop at the wedding ceremony, of course. The most exciting part is dreaming about your plans for the future and life together. And when you’re putting together your wedding registry, you’re doing just that: Looking ahead to what life will be like, from hosting parties together to starting a garden in your new home.

But the world has changed a lot, and wedding registries aren’t the same as your grandmother’s. Now, tech gadgets sit side by side with more traditional items like casserole dishes! For today’s modern couples, a Best Buy Wedding Registry can be the perfect place to start your shopping. As you daydream about the adventures you’ll go on with your new husband, you can really get creative, creating a registry for everything from travel to game night with your spouse. With that in mind, I’ve created a fun inspiration board with gift ideas that would be perfect for the active couple on your list who love to hike, exercise and play sports together:

I firmly believe that working on goals together makes your dreams easier to achieve – it’s a lot easier to run that extra mile when your partner is cheering you on! Plus, it’s way more fun to go jogging together than doing it alone. For the couple that love to support each other in their fitness goals, his and hers water bottles, fitness trackers, and sports-friendly headphones are perfect gifts they can use every day. And since Best Buy offers Group Gifting, guests have the option of pitching in whatever they want towards a gift if the couple wants to register for one or two larger items (Like that elliptical!) instead of a variety of smaller items.

What gift would you buy for an active couple? What should I add to my Pinterest board? Weigh in (No pun intended) in the comments!

Beautiful Blooms Spotted at The Toast Wedding Showcase

Pink & white flowers

Admission provided.

Among the inspiration spotted at The Toast Wedding Showcase in Portland were a slew of stunning arrangements by local florists. The combination of gorgeous flowers paired with creative presentation made the looks memorable and clever.

Closeup of pink and white flowers

Cute vases

Arrangement in a small vase

Flowers hanging over the table

Beautiful pink flowers hung from the ceiling

Roses hanging from a coil spring mattress

A Well Crafted Party

Inspiration Via:

A Well Crafted Party
Selva Floral Design
Intimo: An Intimate Occasion Florist
Christopher David
Swoon Floral Design
Anna Mara Flowers

Inspiration From The Toast Wedding Showcase: Tablescapes & Food

Light tablescape

Admission provided.

Bridal expos are a great place to get inspiration for your big day. I recently had the pleasure of attending The Toast Wedding Showcase in Portland, which took the wedding expo concept and turned it into an intimate event, featuring the best of PDX bridal vendors and highlighting artistic, stylish ideas. This week, I’ll be sharing some of the concepts I saw on display, starting with these gorgeous wedding dinner concepts.




Pretty vases

Floral centerpiece mixed with vegetables and fruit

Deviled eggs


Cheese & fruit

White flowers

Featured Vendors:

Vanity Affair Event Planning & Design
Swoon Floral Design
Black Sweet Raspberry
Dalton’s Northwest Catering
Anna Mara Flowers
White Pepper
Dream State Unique Wedding & Party Gifts
Christopher David
The Lamb’s Table
Intimo: An Intimate Occasion Florist
Something Borrowed
Selva Floral Design
Westcoast Event Productions, Inc.

Event Host:


More Inspiration:

A Well Crafted Party

The Toast Wedding Showcase in PDX: Free Tickets For 5 Readers!

The Toast

Tickets provided.

This Saturday, The Toast Wedding Showcase in Portland will be bringing the best in local, stylish bridal vendors to PDX brides during a fun night with snacks, prizes, and more! Tickets are available for just $10 – and special for Blog My Wedding readers, you can snag one of five FREE tickets by leaving a comment below! This special offer will close when five tickets are claimed. I will email the lucky brides directly with information on how to claim their tickets.

Event Info:


Elli Studio
239 NW 13th St., Suite 301
Portland, OR 97209


Saturday, March 7th, 2015
5 PM to 9 PM

And if you can’t make the event, I’ll be there to cover all the excitement, so watch this space for a full recap!

Create Your Wedding Registry – at Best Buy!

Bride & groom

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

At some point during your wedding planning process, you’ll most likely create a few registries. Even if you don’t think about it initially, you’ll probably end up getting requests from friends and family for a list – I know that when I’m invited to a wedding, the first thing I do is look for their registries, so I can make sure that I don’t pick out a gift they already have. It’s also handy living in a small town with limited shopping options, since I can order online with a registry!

Best Buy Wedding Registry

If you’re wondering where to register at for your own wedding, you’ll be interested to know that Best Buy launched its new Wedding Registry this month. It makes a lot of sense: These days, half of a household seems to be electronic, and items like computers are considered to be just as much of a necessity as a couch nowadays. And of course, Best Buy also sells more “Traditional” registry items, like vacuums, trash cans, and even pots and pans!

Examples of what you can put on your Best Buy Wedding Registry

Here’s how it works: When a friend or relative picks out an item from your registry, they’ll get free shipping with no minimum purchase – which is great, because they can pick out any item, small or big from your list without having to worry about paying extra for it to be delivered. There’s also the intriguing “Group Gifting” feature for larger items over $200, where guests can choose the amount they want to pitch in for it, which you will receive as an e-gift card to use towards the item you need. I’ve coordinated with family when giving gifts for weddings before and it can be fun if everyone’s wondering what they should get!

Using a wedding gift to take photos on their honeymoon!

With Best Buy’s Wedding Registry, you can get items that you need and will fit your life as a modern couple. How about a camera to use on your honeymoon to send photos to your family, or a grill to entertain with when you have guests over in your new home? The sky’s the limit as you embark on the adventure of marriage together!

For more information and to create your registry, be sure to visit

Will you be creating a registry at Best Buy?

“The Bachelorette” Viewing Party Kit

The Bachelorette Viewing Party Kit

Speaking of bachelorette parties, here’s an idea for the reality TV junkie bride: Hosting a viewing party for The Bachelorette. So meta! I think this would be a really cute idea for someone who wants to have more of a fun girl’s night in than a bar crawl. There’s a cute Bachelorette Viewing Party Kit on Pinterest that has some fun food ideas around this theme, including a drink called “The Rose” and a yummy citrus almond cake.

What do you think of a TV-themed bachelorette party?

Review: Bachelorette Party Tiara With Veil

Bachelorette Party Tiara With Veil

I received this bachelorette party tiara with veil at no cost in order to try it on and review it!

I have always loved tiaras. I’m all about the sparkles and rhinestones, so it makes sense! I plan on wearing one with my wedding dress, and I’d like to find some tiaras to match my bridesmaids’ dresses, too! So when Bachelorette Superstore reached out to me and asked if I’d like to receive their sparkly “Bachelorette” Tiara with veil for a review, it was an obvious choice! If the crown fits…

Bachelorette Tiara

This tiara set includes two pieces: A veil attached to a plastic comb, and the tiara itself. The veil comb is cute and can be placed on your hair at the back of your head – I’ll probably keep my hair in an updo when I wear this, since combs tend to slide out of my hair otherwise. The tiara is made of metal and covered in sparkly glitter, with combs on both ends to slide into your hair. It’s very fun! It reminds me of wedding play sets that I had as a child. Keep in mind that the quality of this set is pretty typical as party supplies go. It’s meant to be more of a toy than a royal piece of lasting jewelry, since it retails for only $14.50.

This tiara is so much fun and I can’t wait to put it on for my own bachelorette party! I love props like this that are fun and girly. My only complaint is that the tiara is a little on the small side – either that, or I have a freakishly large head – and it was a bit tight and uncomfortable when I put it on. I took it off a few minutes ago and my head still feels a little uncomfortable. I’ll experiment with positioning it on my head when party time rolls around, but I imagine this will be more of a “Photo op” piece than something that I’ll keep on all night.

For more bachelorette party supplies from sashes to party invites, check out! They have quite a mix of supplies, from fun and girly to naughty and outrageous, so you’ve been warned if you’re at work. ;)

Bachelorette Party Favor Idea: High Heel Earrings

Bachelorette Party Favor Idea: High Heel Earrings

One of the craftiest people I know made these high heel shoe earrings, and I think they would make awesome bachelorette party favors! Aren’t they too cute? I think she ought to put them on Etsy! If you wanted to make these for your own party, I bet you could find shoe charms or use Barbie shoes and attach them to earring hooks. I’ve seen a lot of high heel themes in bachelorette parties lately so I think this is a fun idea.