5 Top Picks From The Best Buy Wedding Registry

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

I recently introduced you to the Best Buy Wedding Registry, where you have a plethora of options for outfitting your home. Many people think of Best Buy as being primarily for computer parts, so you may be unaware of the variety of products available! Whether you’re creating your own wedding registry, or shopping for a wedding present to give to a recently engaged couple in your life, I’ve put together my top five picks of great, wedding-worthy items available at Best Buy:

  • #1: The iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

    When I was a kid, a robot maid was a fantasy seen on The Jetsons. But today, it’s a reality! Isn’t living in the future great? The Roomba cleans your house for you, on autopilot – just turn it on and watch as it vacuums all the floors! This one is a no-brainer for any couple setting up house.

  • #2: Insignia™ HDTV
  • Insignia™ HDTV

    A TV is the focal point of most living rooms, providing hours of enjoyment both for a quiet night at home, and for entertaining company. The Insignia™ HDTV is a very nice, high-quality television compatible with various gaming systems, DVD and Blu-ray players, all at an affordable price.

  • #3: KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer
  • KitchenAid - Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer

    I bet you didn’t realize that Best Buy carried one of the most classic wedding registry items: a KitchenAid! These stand mixers are a tradition for a reason, making it possible to create all kinds of amazing things in the kitchen. I’d go with this model, simply because it comes in pink!

  • #4: Sony – HD Flash Memory Camcorder
  • Sony - HD Flash Memory Camcorder

    Remember when our parents would pull out piles of VHS tapes containing home movies? Today, those memories are all stored in the cloud, with compact, digital camcorders replacing the large and clunky tapes of old. The Sony HD Flash Memory Camcorder is perfect for new married couples as they begin to document their lives together!

  • #5: Lounge & Co. Gaming Chair
  • Lounge & Co. - Gaming Chair

    Every new home needs furniture, and for millennial couples, this gaming chair from Lounge & Co. is the perfect pick! This comfy chair includes a side pocket for things like gaming controllers, and includes a handle for you to carry the chair around easily – perfect for LAN parties, and also makes it easier when you need to move house!

Many of these items are larger purchases, which is why Best Buy offers Group Gifting, which allows guests to pitch in any amount towards a big-ticket item on a couple’s registry. And regardless of the item’s price, all items on the Best Buy Wedding Registry ship for free, with no minimum purchase amount.

What items would you put on your top 5 wedding registry list?

Gift Inspiration For Active Couples

Gift Inspiration For Active Couples

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Part of the fun in wedding planning is daydreaming. Since I was a child, I’ve thought about the different details that would go into my future wedding – it’s funny how many ideas you can have for a wedding ceremony before you even meet the groom. 😉 And the fun in thinking ahead doesn’t just stop at the wedding ceremony, of course. The most exciting part is dreaming about your plans for the future and life together. And when you’re putting together your wedding registry, you’re doing just that: Looking ahead to what life will be like, from hosting parties together to starting a garden in your new home.

But the world has changed a lot, and wedding registries aren’t the same as your grandmother’s. Now, tech gadgets sit side by side with more traditional items like casserole dishes! For today’s modern couples, a Best Buy Wedding Registry can be the perfect place to start your shopping. As you daydream about the adventures you’ll go on with your new husband, you can really get creative, creating a registry for everything from travel to game night with your spouse. With that in mind, I’ve created a fun inspiration board with gift ideas that would be perfect for the active couple on your list who love to hike, exercise and play sports together:

I firmly believe that working on goals together makes your dreams easier to achieve – it’s a lot easier to run that extra mile when your partner is cheering you on! Plus, it’s way more fun to go jogging together than doing it alone. For the couple that love to support each other in their fitness goals, his and hers water bottles, fitness trackers, and sports-friendly headphones are perfect gifts they can use every day. And since Best Buy offers Group Gifting, guests have the option of pitching in whatever they want towards a gift if the couple wants to register for one or two larger items (Like that elliptical!) instead of a variety of smaller items.

What gift would you buy for an active couple? What should I add to my Pinterest board? Weigh in (No pun intended) in the comments!

Create Your Wedding Registry – at Best Buy!

Bride & groom

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

At some point during your wedding planning process, you’ll most likely create a few registries. Even if you don’t think about it initially, you’ll probably end up getting requests from friends and family for a list – I know that when I’m invited to a wedding, the first thing I do is look for their registries, so I can make sure that I don’t pick out a gift they already have. It’s also handy living in a small town with limited shopping options, since I can order online with a registry!

Best Buy Wedding Registry

If you’re wondering where to register at for your own wedding, you’ll be interested to know that Best Buy launched its new Wedding Registry this month. It makes a lot of sense: These days, half of a household seems to be electronic, and items like computers are considered to be just as much of a necessity as a couch nowadays. And of course, Best Buy also sells more “Traditional” registry items, like vacuums, trash cans, and even pots and pans!

Examples of what you can put on your Best Buy Wedding Registry

Here’s how it works: When a friend or relative picks out an item from your registry, they’ll get free shipping with no minimum purchase – which is great, because they can pick out any item, small or big from your list without having to worry about paying extra for it to be delivered. There’s also the intriguing “Group Gifting” feature for larger items over $200, where guests can choose the amount they want to pitch in for it, which you will receive as an e-gift card to use towards the item you need. I’ve coordinated with family when giving gifts for weddings before and it can be fun if everyone’s wondering what they should get!

Using a wedding gift to take photos on their honeymoon!

With Best Buy’s Wedding Registry, you can get items that you need and will fit your life as a modern couple. How about a camera to use on your honeymoon to send photos to your family, or a grill to entertain with when you have guests over in your new home? The sky’s the limit as you embark on the adventure of marriage together!

For more information and to create your registry, be sure to visit BestBuy.com.

Will you be creating a registry at Best Buy?